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ADV.1 White BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels

ADV.1 White BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels
October 29
19:42 2009

This productive week filled with quality photoshoots is still going on. After the flat black Dodge Viper and the black Lamborghini Gallardo published in the last couple of days, it’s time for something different. In the color department that is. This time it’s the new BMW M3 by ADV.1 wheels, which features their ADV 10.1 wheels that fit this car perfectly here. The color is white, we know, but we cannot but argue that it’s (with the black one) the most beatiful color for this car. This time William Stern did the sedan version, with the changed back lights, 4-door looks which we find equally good as the coupe version.

We love multi spoke wheels here, they somehow fit the BMW’s product range the best. Well the new models, the old ones are a different story. So here we have the new ADV 10.1 wheels, with the car lowered to the ground, making it smooth and fast even when the car is standing. So if you are getting new wheels, you might wanna think of these. There will be more features from this wheel company and the awesome cars they modify and tune up with their product range, so be sure to check out website to get the newest articles and photography here. We are proud that some of these photographs are part of our BMW Wallpaper Collection, which you can view and download from our website. Hopefully more wallpapers will be added there, so be sure to check it out often for fresh and new stuf there.

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels with black background

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels in the undergroun hallway

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels side shot

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels underground garage shot

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels waiting steadilly for unsuspecting pray

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels industrial facillity nigh shot

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels with the purple sunset in the background

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels closeup shot

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels closeup shot part 2

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels rear closeup shot

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels closeup

ADV.1 BMW M3 on ADV 10.1 wheels closeup 3

* The photographs are copyrighted by William Stern and may not be republished without prior permission from the author. Please do not direct link to the images, link to the article instead, our bandwith is not endless.


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Vanja K.

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  • WRX

    How awesome is this man? I like the photos, the car, the wheels … everything! Keep up the good work :)

  • Jones

    The second to last photograph is amazing, it really shows how nice are the wheels ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tommy

    Nice photos

  • Danny

    The one thing I like with your website, is that you always put only quality photograhs here. Not like other sites that put up EVERYTHING they get their hands to, so thanks for this :)

  • Jackie SOCAL

    Really amazing work, the photos are amazing! The car really looks great in white, even though we see this color pretty much on every car, every manufacturer these days.

  • http://www.mycarportal.net Vanja K.

    The photos from William Stern are getting better and better, so we can surely say that we can’t wait for his next photoshoot he is doing now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jason OH

    And finally these wheels look amazing, the photographs are great as they are every time, but these wheels are awesome on this car … ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jamie

    The white M3’s look somewhat better than the rest, even my favorite color for the car is black really. But somehow this looks too good, the good old white color, making the car jump out :)

  • Mike

    These are 20s correct?

  • http://www.mycarportal.net Michael W. Rush

    We think so, don’t really know the right tire dimensions but the wheels look like they are 20″ really :)

  • http://www.wheeladdicts.com Wheel Addicts Inc.

    Thats our car :)

    Didnt even know these pictures were on here!

    The wheels are 20×8.5/20×10.5

  • http://www.mycarportal.net Vanja K.

    Well we usualy donโ€™t know all the details about who is the owner, so weโ€™re sorry about that.

    Can you please contact me at njave at mycarportal.net so I can get a few questions for you, regarding some other projects you may have ready.

    Thanks! :)

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