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In-Car DVD Players – The Ideal Entertainment for Any Journey

In-Car DVD Players – The Ideal Entertainment for Any Journey
October 12
00:11 2011

If you travel with your family or friends frequently, like I do, then an in car DVD player might be in the on board entertainment system you’ve been dreaming of. There’s not a parent on earth that doesn’t know how difficult it is to keep kids entertained while on a long car journey. The cries of “I’m bored!”, “Are we there yet?”, “I want to go home!” are familiar ones to me and, I’m in no doubt, most parents with fed up kids in the backseat, but with an in-car DVD player I’ve found these are a thing of the past.

There a few different types of in-car DVD players you can buy – some DVD players will come slipped inside a pocket that hangs over the posts in your headrests and down over the back of the seat, while some fit into the back of a special headrest that you replace your current headrest with, and if you’re feeling flush you can even invest in a model that is fixed overhead with a flip down screen. I have very young children and found the over the headrest model best for them as it was closer to their eyelevel and easier for them to reach. In-headrest DVD players are cheaper than their overhead counterparts, but the downside is you may not be able to find a headrest that matches your car’s interior. If you’re willing to spend the money, you can easily find an in-car DVD player that has a high quality screen – the size of the screen will vary depending on how much you’re willing to lay out, but they’re usually between nine and eleven inches.

We had the DVD player a few weeks before I decided to invest in an in-car DVD player that supports wireless sound so that the children, or any other passengers we have, can slip on a pair of headphones and watch their film in silence. It’s not just them that feel the benefit of this – they might have solitude to watch their movie, but it also means I can now finally drive in peace!

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