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Epic Looking Corvette Wallpaper By NotBland Automotive Photography

March 21
17:39 2013

Webb Bland from NotBland Automotive Photography is back with a seriously kick ass wallpaper, made exclusively for MCP! With a high resolution image depicting a yellow race-ready Corvette standing alone in an apocalyptic mood, this thing honestly beats each wallpaper we had in the past few years!

One deserted road with all the surroundings crumbling in what resembles a scene from some world-ending catastrophe movie, Webb made an epic showcase of his photography and post processing skills in one image that will be the center piece of thousands of desktops around the world.

Make sure to drop by his online portfolio and like his NotBland Automotive Photography Facebook Page! This guy knows his work and does it in an epic way. Personally, he’s a rising star in the photography world alltogether and we are certain some day he’ll be the most praised automotive photographer out there.

Meanwhile, here’s your next desktop wallpaper right here! In 2000px so you can stretch it out on those huuuge screens you have!

Epic Looking Corvette Wallpaper By NotBland Automotive Photography

* The photographs are copyrighted by Webb Bland and may not be republished without prior permission from the author. Please do not direct link to the images, link to the article instead, our bandwith is not endless

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