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Mercedes-Benz CLA Wallpaper By Frederic Schlosser Photography

June 25
00:30 2013

Mercedes-Benz CLA Wallpaper is here! One of the highly expected automobiles to all of us here at the offices is showcased in pure amazing photography in this high quality wallpaper done by Frederic Schlosser Photography. Just an epic showcase of car, nature and photography talent!

We expect the full CLA shoot to land on our website in a few days, where Frederic simply stunned us with the quality of his new work. Guy is usually really great, but this is simply off the charts. And remember boys and girls, a photograph like this takes days to prepare, shoot and then days to edit and produce in the same level of quality as we see it here! You can only be amazed by the quality of work done. Nothing less.

Make sure to drop by Frederic Schlosser Photography on Facebook, get a grip on this guy’s work and all the other pretty and shiny photography things he does with cars. More coming soon, but now feast your eyes on your brand new Mercedes-Benz CLA wallpaper we got here for you!

Mercedes-Benz CLA Wallpaper By Frederic Schlosser Photography

* The photographs are copyrighted by Frederic Schlosser Photography and may not be republished without prior permission from the author. Please do not direct link to the images, link to the article instead, our bandwith is not endless.

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