Photography: BMW Collection by John Batte

After featuring some great photographers like William tern and Webb Bland here on our website, we wanted to show you the work of John Batte and his photographs. As lot of our readers know, we strive to bring you the quality, regardless of quantity when it comes to good photography. As one of the more prominent photographs (for anyone who reads automotive forums and websites) in the car world, John Batte is the author of some amazing photos. We wanted to show you the work he has done with BMW cars, and so we came up with the collection of his BMW photos, that we think are really amazing really.

The collection consists of different BMW performance cars from different periods. He has done BMW cars in range from E36 BMW M3E92 335i and the M3 to the newest addition of the BMW M5 series. Just by looking at his impressive collection, we can say that he has a great eye for awesome cars and impressive photography. We wish that you enjoy the photos, and be sure to visit John Batte’s blog and website, drop him a word, or hire him for some work.

* The photographs are copyrighted by John Batte and may not be republished without prior permission from the author. Please do not direct link to the images, link to the article instead, our bandwith is not endless.

Been in the automotive industry ever since he got out of high-school. Loves 911's, hates electric-car talk and enjoys racing events. Too tall to drive almost any supercar, but that doesn't stop him from bashing out people that do. Follows the aftermarket tuning industry in depth. Loves to spend time at BMW Welt. Enjoys too much coffee.

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