Photography: BMW E90 M3 Sedan by William Stern

We don’t do this kind of thing that much, or to be exact this is the first time we have presented you with a teaser for the coming photoshoot. And we didn’t wait that long to publish the whole photoshoot, only a few hours have passed by since the teaser and this amazing photoshoot of the BMW E90 M3 Sedan by William Stern. Somehow we managed not to drool all over the keyboard when looking at these photos, so we advise you to try to remain in the same state yourself :) .

The BMW E90 M3 Sedan is by some really a different kind of a car compared to the coupe version of it, not b technology or anything like that, but as the overall looks. The family or company executives won’t mind driving in this car for work. Somewhat of a silent predator on the streets, just waiting to release its full power and potential on unknowing racers out there. Four-door saloon that looks this good and goes even better, what more can you ask for? We can just say that you enjoy these photos, make sure that you check out every one of them, just so you are certain that you won’t miss a single detail.

* The photographs are copyrighted by William Stern and may not be republished without prior permission from the author. Please do not direct link to the images, link to the article instead, our bandwidth is not endless.

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