Blue Nissan GTR Photoshoot By Leon Tang

After the Black BMW M3 photoshoot by Leon Tang which was impressive and well accepted by our readers, it’s finally time for another photoshoot done by the same photographer here on our website. The really nice blue Nissan GTR really is the most wanted supercar these days. With it’s fine lines, awesome handling and amazing speed through any track in the world, a real dream car for any automotive enthusiast out there.

While some photographers are more interested in overall looks, our talented photographer Leon Tang really pays much attention to details. The lights, spoilers, wheels, some fine body lines, it’s all covered here. And we got to inform you that this car went through some modifications lately, getting some nice new wheels, body updates and little engine tuning so we will try to feature it as soon as possible.

About the author

Leon C. Tang
Full-time USC student studying Communications and Cinematic
Freelance photographer (
Contact: [email protected], Facebook: Leon C. Tang (USC Network)

Photography in my life was nothing more than a engrossing thing to chatter about. A few of my family members were into it and one derived into a professional. I decided to buy a DSLR camera and step into the world of photography when I was 16 hence my first car. Being interested in photograph was simply to “showcase” or “showoff” my car on the forums and on the Internet. At first, I knew nothing about cameras… My girlfriend, who was very into photography due to the influence of her older brother, taught me all about the basics. However, since I was such a brand-name-whore, I thought to myself… SONY! Not long after the thought of buying one … I picked up a Sony Alpha-100 with 1 standard zoom lens and 1 telephoto lens. When I first got it, I just shot in random modes and settings. For the next twelve months, I advanced nowhere, I learned nothing and I was still very new to photography. About a year and 1/2 after my first car, being the spoiled brat that I was, got a new car. This time around, I really wanted to get some “professional” shots of my car. So I dug deep into my very limited photography knowledge (Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Metering, Focal Analysis …) and finally got some considerable shots. Before I realized… I was shooting for other people and expanded my photostream on Flickr. Not too long after I realized that I have hit the limit of potential on the Alpha-100, I knew it was time to upgrade.

There are no other cameras out there that intrigue me the way the new Canon did… EOS 5D Mark II.
I thought to myself … Go big or go home… So I arranged a few things and boom!

Spankin’ new products were in my hands to utilize and get creative …
5D MARK II + 24-105mm f/4 L USM Lens (Superb all-around)
Battery Grip + new SanDisk 16GB CF Card
a few other small accessories

Now, I am able to take on shots that I never even dreamt of … The low-light capabilities are stunning and flagship presentable..
Check out my shots and here is where I am today …

Been in the automotive industry ever since he got out of high-school. Loves 911's, hates electric-car talk and enjoys racing events. Too tall to drive almost any supercar, but that doesn't stop him from bashing out people that do. Follows the aftermarket tuning industry in depth. Loves to spend time at BMW Welt. Enjoys too much coffee.

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