Toyota Tundra on ADV.1’s – Not What You See Everyday

It’s big, it’s black and it’s mean! And no! We’re not talking about Shaq. But it will certainly dominate wherever it goes. It’s a sight you don’t see everyday. A Toyota Tundra on ADV.1 22″ Track Specs! Done with the hot craze for wheel design in Miami, headed for the frigid plains of Canada. Installed on some precision Japanese engineering. Looking mean. That’s what I’m talking about!

Up until now, those big lumps of movable property you Americans call SUV’s were plain and boring. To the point when Tuneworks Canada and ADV.1 decided to change that. Before you is something that will probably run through any kind of terrain, mud, rain or snow. No, seriously what can stop it? It looks like someone stole Satan’s ride!

All blacked out, with beefy offroad tires, wrapped around these gorgeous Track Specs from ADV.1. Nah, no point in telling you the obvious any more. Go check out the whole shoot right after the jump!

Make sure you stop at that front side view. It makes my hair stand up. Really, like a loan shark standing in front of you while you make excuses why you didn’t bring his money. That mean!


Been in the automotive industry ever since he got out of high-school. Loves 911's, hates electric-car talk and enjoys racing events. Too tall to drive almost any supercar, but that doesn't stop him from bashing out people that do. Follows the aftermarket tuning industry in depth. Loves to spend time at BMW Welt. Enjoys too much coffee.

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