Ford SVT Raptor In Its Natural Habitat

Uh! Oh! I want this! When a project makes you wanna move out to the Everglades, you know it’s pretty damn special! Last night I got a message on Facebook from William “The Beard” Stern. It stated “ADV.1 Raptor ready for you!”. After a complete day of working, studying and different annoyances, it was the kind of message I needed to brighten my day up!

And yes, William Stern and ADV.1 took this Ford SVT Raptor to it’s natural habitat! A completely perfect setting of muddy roads, water holes and rough terrain. Picture perfect setting for a vehicle bread from the Baja off-road racing event, completed with a set of tough and performance engineered wheels from ADV.1 right here!

So there you have it! You don’t have to be all fancy pants to own a set of ADV.1 wheels! They make wheels for badass trucks like this and this combo will certainly bring out the rebel in you! All blacked out, powerful from the start, a set of blacked out 20″ Track Spec ADV06 wheels, riding high and proud! That’s what it’s all about! WheelsBoutiqe and ADV.1 went with 20×10 setup, with a gloss black inner barrel, gloss black lip, matte black center and NittoTrail Grappler tires, so this beast goes anywhere it pleases!

Ford SVT Raptor With ADV.1 Wheels By Wheels Boutique Wallpaper

Oh damn! Besides the sweet setup from ADV.1 this truck is a bit more tricked out! With the OEM fender flares colormatched, black naturally, OEM bumpers colormatched in black too, finished with a matte black Ford logo, it is simply menacing! If aliens ever decided to invade our planet, this is what I would be running them over with!

Ford SVT Raptor With ADV.1 Wheels By Wheels Boutique Wallpaper

Installed on it are ReadyLift 2.0″ front end level kit, Kooks headers, Kooks Y Pipe (catless) and the rumble is the product of a Corsa exhaust. Power upgrade is done thanks to a ProCharged running at 9 PSI producing 484RWHP! And first time on a Raptor, a set of Brembo six piston brake calipers is installed!

Need more? Sorry, what did you say? More? What could possibly be installed on this truck that would make it more awesome? Oh yes, the flamethrower kit and Keira Knightley riding shotgun with you. But that’s a whole another story.

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