Matte Red Lamborghini Huracán With 1016 Industries Kit And ADV.1 Wheels

Even though the Lamborghini Huracán comes with the same the 5.2 L naturally aspirated V10 engine from the Gallardo, the engine got slightly tuned to produce more power for the Lamborghini Huracán.

For the newest model, the engine is tuned for 610 PS (449 kW; 602 hp). To ensure its balance and performance, the car is mid-engined. This provides the Huracán with an excellent set of performance virtues in such a configuration. The V10 engine installed provides the car with enough power to propel the car from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 3.2 seconds, while reaching a top speed of 202mph or 325km/h for European fans – that is.

This Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4 is equipped with some of the best aftermarket upgrades available on the market today. Namely, a set of 1016 Industries aerodynamic carbon fiber parts and gorgeoud ADV.1 Wheels were installed.

Matte Red Lamborghini Huracán With 1016 Industries Kit And ADV.1 Wheels

For the first upgrade, the owner of this stunning matte red vehicle opted for a full carbon fiber aero kit. The 1016 Industries “Renato” aero program consists of a front add-on spoiler, side skirts, a rear aero diffuser and a stunningly huuuuuge rear race inspires aero wing as well – with all parts made from pre-preg carbon fiber. The parts really give the Lamborghini Huracán some gorgeous and appealing exterior looks, while yielding improved downforce and handling to a point.

Next in line was the addition of a set of ADV10 Track Spec CS wheels. These are ADV.1’s latest wheel solution in both design and craftsmanship. The company recently made a move to their in-house production & design center, creating wheels that certainly have all the advancements available. This set of ADV10 Track Spec CS wheels is the perfect example of their newly introduced company policy in every single area.

Matte Red Lamborghini Huracán With 1016 Industries Kit And ADV.1 Wheels

The MV.2 wheels are actually a two-piece setup that yields some interesting things. First, they offer customers with a wider range of possible sizes/widths. Second, they can maintain a monoblock outlook – even with a two-piece wheel. Include titanium hardware, pocket material removal and excellent engineering work that yields a lightweight wheel setup, then you have a perfect aftermarket wheel setup for a vehicle like this.

The wheels come in sizes of 20×9 in the front and 20×11 in the rear. The wheels feature a Brushed Gunmetal for the wheel disc and Polished Gunmetal for the lips. A clearly stunning combo, working well with this vehicle. The wheels are both appealing as the visual department is concerned and light, yielding less unsprung mass when compared to similar sized wheel setups as well. Full wallpaper sized media gallery is available right below, enjoy!

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