Satin Red Lamborghini Huracán With 1016 Aero And ADV.1 Wheels

When people go and wrap their cars, it’s usually something that could be called cheesy in most cases. But, for every 3-4 cheesy looking wraps, there comes something awesome! Same thing can be seen with this Lamborghini Huracán build.

The vehicle comes with a beautiful satin red wrap. It’s one of the classiest wraps we’ve seen to date and it clearly adds a perfect touch to the Huracán in every area. The wrap was added by Illmatic Wraps, a wrap company that does some amazing work – check out their website for more goodies.

Satin Red Lamborghini Huracán With 1016 Aero And ADV.1 Wheels

After the wrap was added, the owner wanted to give his vehicle a more aggressive exterior looks. He thus opted out for a full carbon fiber 1016 Industries aero program and ADV.1 Wheels. Both are some of the best aftermarket aero & wheel additions you can get on the market these days. Additionally, the parts give the already aggressive looking Lamborghini Huracán a completely new level of aggressive looks.

The 1016 Industries “Renato” aero program comes with aggressive styling and performance improving parts. Namely, it consists of a front add-on lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper and a race-inspired rear wing.

Satin Red Lamborghini Huracán With 1016 Aero And ADV.1 Wheels

The ADV10 CS Series wheels are some of the most lightest wheels available on the market today, coming with near perfect fitment, alongside amazing design & overall looks. The wheels are sized 20×9 and 21×12.5 in the front and rear, respectively. The wheels are finished with a Brushed Gumetal for the wheel front and Polished Gunmetal for the wheel lips. Take a look at the full photoshoot by Connor G. Photography right below.

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