World Premiere: Faraday Future FF 91 Electric Vehicle

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Faraday Future (FF) has revealed FF 91 (“nine one”), its first production vehicle.  The vehicle is built upon the company’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), FF 91 represents a bold new breed of electric mobility that combines supercar performance, precise handling, the comfort of an ultra-luxury passenger vehicle, and a unique collection of intelligent internet features.

The vehicle features a flexible powertrain system featuring a monocoque vehicle structure in which the chassis and body are a single form – providing measurable improvements in overall vehicle rigidity, safety and handling. The vehicle comes with an available all-wheel drive system. This in turn, offers greater traction, control and precise power distribution. The VPA also houses class-leading battery technology, multiple motor and battery configurations, as well as the company’s first patent: the FF Echelon Inverter.

Furthermore, Faraday Future’s FF91 powertrain comes with a multi-motor setup, enabling real-time torque vectoring to the rear wheels – something we’ve seen on electric cars from Rimac Automobili. This technology delivers superior acceleration, safety while leveraging rear-wheel steering for agile cornering, allowing drivers to confidently execute maneuvers like merging onto freeways or accelerating out of dangerous scenarios. Peak motor power is 783 kW, equating to 1050 HP, delivering a record-breaking 0-60 mph time of 2.39 seconds.

On the other hand, FF 91’s battery doesn’t sacrifice range over performance, giving the driver both aspects of daily driving utilization overall.

The vehicle is outfitted with a 130 kWh battery. In turn, the Faraday Future FF 91 achieves a range of 378 miles (EPA est.) and over 700 km (NEDC est.) from the world’s highest energy density battery, engineered in partnership with LG Chem. Similarly, the system’s compact design enables more cabin space for greater comfort and safety. FF 91 also has the fastest charge speed currently available, with the ability to charge at more than 500 miles per hour.

For those that will charge their vehicles mostly at hime, it’s home charger, included with the vehicle, achieves 50 percent to full charge in under 4.5 hours at 240V. That’s reasonable for any daily driving use, giving owners much more flexibility even without dedicated power sources to speedily charge electric vehicles overall.

The reservations for the FF 91 are starting now, through the company’s newly
redesigned website, Reservations are $5,000 and are fully refundable. The first
300 orders will have the option to upgrade their reservation in March 2017 to join an
exclusive launch series, the Alliance Edition. Please take a look at the complete media gallery of this amazing looking vehicle right below.

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