Guy Buys a Lamborghini With $115 in Bitcoin Money

Well, we’re all kinda feeling stupid right now, aren’t we? While some of our more eccentric friends are now swimming in dough – thanks to their newly found BitCoin money – some of us naysayers are left of with a bad taste in our mouths due to non believer status a few years back. Add insult to injury, this guy just bought a Lamborghini Huracan with $115 in BitCoin money, making the decision to not invest into the cryptocurrency a few years back – a rather dumb one.

Basically, he bought a few BitCoin with an investment of a few hundred dollars a few years back. What now seems like a farsighted decision, pretty much raised a few eyebrows back then. Well, for Peter Saddington of VINwiki that decision now allowed him to buy a Huracan with only a few hundred bucks of a long forgotten investment. After sitting on a trove of Bitcoin, he decided that he would be what he claims is the first person to buy a Lamborghini with his cryptocurrency.

All we can say is congratulations! No better way than to rub it into everyone’s face how wrong they were, than buying a Lamborghini. Check out the full video of his experience below.

Been in the automotive industry ever since he got out of high-school. Loves 911's, hates electric-car talk and enjoys racing events. Too tall to drive almost any supercar, but that doesn't stop him from bashing out people that do. Follows the aftermarket tuning industry in depth. Loves to spend time at BMW Welt. Enjoys too much coffee.

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