All-Wheel Drive Now Standard On All Tesla Model S and X Vehicles

Tesla Motors have just announced that all their new Model S and Model X vehicles will come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard. This further strengthens their position on the luxury mid-size sedan and crossover market, ensuring that all their models benefit from all-weather traction & usability. It was just shy over three years ago what Tesla first unveiled their all-wheel-drive models, equipped with a dual-motor setup. Ever since then, more and more would-be owners have decided on the dual-motor configured Model S and Model X vehicles.

While all-weather traction is the most important and most impacting aspect, the blistering fast acceleration of the Tesla Model S P90D is only capable thanks to the dual-motor/all-wheel-drive system employed. The only thing that owners might dislike this setup is weight and cornering performance, which puts the Model S cars at a disadvantage against some more track-oriented competition. But, in recent times, we’ve seen its direct competitors – BMW M5, Audi RS6 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG – all become full all-wheel-drive models as well. So, the market is slowly turning, no doubt about it.

Also, the lack of rear-wheel drive doesn’t mean that all Model S and Model X vehicles have now become more focused more on acceleration than its range. For those wanting to travel long distances between charges, the Model S and Model X 100D variants remain on offer. The first with 335 miles (539 km) of range and 295 miles (474 km) in the latter, the Model X 100D.

Additionally, this decision by Tesla means that the Model 3 is now its only vehicle offered with rear-wheel drive. In the not too distant future, it too will be available with a dual-motor setup. Like many others, we welcome this decision not only for the sheer drivability in bad weather but also due to improved performance and straight-line speed, safety and it will certainly provide for good news to all the people ordering either a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X in the forthcoming months.

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